ATTENTION! We Need To Talk About How We Talk About Sustainability & Equality.

This story is not about the importance of sustainability and equality. Hopefully, you have already figured that out. Instead, we would like to talk about how most companies, markets and legislators haven’t figured out how to talk about it and how it deprives consumers from taking action.

A sign next to our office.

Realizing that we got a big communication problem

The Corporate Fluff

Green Hushing

Sustainability reports: Information easily lost in translation

When the two worlds collide

This leads to people buying, investing in, and picking brands, products and services that don’t match with their values every single day.

Meanwhile, we got a bit of a revolution…

We’re witnessing the first ever generation where the vast majority want to shop, invest, and pick their employer based on sustainability and equality.

And a major problem

There is a large gap between the vast majority of consumers that want to make sustainable choices and the minority that actually make such choices.

Our mission is to solve this

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